Can Online Blackjack Be Trusted

Casino games usually come with all different appeals and flavours based on the audiences they are intended for. Blackjack is one of those games and is equally popular in online casinos as it is in brick and motor casinos. This game carries some of the lowest house edge values. When the right strategies are used, the casino moves all advantage from the casino to the player. All these qualities only apply to a casino game is fair, honestly unpredictable and a game whose outcome is simply determined by chance. Click to read more

Online Blackjack Game

This now brings us to the question, can online Blackjack be trusted? Or can we even trust casinos that offer this game? Such is a very sensitive question to just ask off the bat, that’s why we found it worthwhile to take a close look at the matter. Keep reading this article to know if online casino Blackjack games are legit and their level of fairness as well. In this article, we will explore a number of avenues just to assure that the game is legit. Read more at

So, who inspects and certifies online casinos? Quite naturally, casinos will assure you that their games are perfectly safe. However, in the absence of a third party to verify such claims, we would dismiss them in their totality. In order to operate fully, a casino needs to get licenses from international regulatory bodies. In the same regard, their products are checked for conformity to the highest standards of iGaming. In order to ensure that the Blackjack version or variant you are enjoying, be sure to play it at a licensed casino.

Casinos Do Audit Tests on Their Games

Providing games that are fair can be achieved in two ways. Casinos themselves could conduct their own internal checks. Further, casinos could choose some outsider organizations to do the checks on their behalf. In order to assure players of fairness, an external testing agency such as eCogra does the job. Once the testers have done their job and confirmed its okay, they thus give the casino an authority fairness stamp. In such a case, you are not likely to run into an online Blackjack game scam.

With this in mind, it will simply be pretty difficult to have a scam version at a casino that is diligently licensed. It is, therefore, a very good idea to consider casino licensing as the most elementary step towards avoiding online casino fraud, and more so on the Blackjack game. Sometimes, just by looking at the game, you might never be able to tell if its scam or the legit version. Sticking to known and reputable casinos can save you this unending headache, considering dynamics involved online.


Theoretical RTP at Online Blackjack

One of the reasons why Blackjack is so popular is the high RTP associated with the game. Indeed, it remains one of the casino games that come with the highest RTP. This translates to the house having a very low winning chance. If you settle on an optimal strategy, the Return to Player could easily exceed 99%. You also may need to keep in mind that there is quite a large variety of Blackjack varieties. For the different versions, the rules are slightly tweaked for diversity.

Using the perfect strategy playing Blackjack could potentially improve your odds of winning in the long run. Theoretically, even if players loose, they still have a chance to recoup their investments and make more winning moves due to the tiny house edge. By use of the correct Maths and proper fund management, luck players can always make profits. The learning curve is however pretty stiff but learning the game is worth the effort. As long as you are playing on the legit version of the game, you can be sure that it is all very transparent.

Wrapping it Up

Blackjack is everyone's favourite for a number of reasons. Firstly, the house edge it gives the player, making it easy for them to beat the house. It is also loved due to the fact that it comes with a high RTP, making players till have an advantage over the house. In regards to Blackjack and its legitimacy, the game is fully legitimate. The only concern that would rise is players playing at unlicensed casinos. At such entities, they are likely to land into the hands of scammers and scam Blackjack.